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The High Trust Advisor Sales Influence Program
Powered by Sean Weafer

How to Maximise Your Clients and Fees

The New Dynamics of Selling in the post-Covid and new Hybrid Age are:

1. Attention is the New Currency
2. Emotion (not Logic) Captures Attention
3. Level of Trust = Level of Attention
4. Share of Attention = Share of Wallet

The SellingEQ High Trust Advisor Sales Influence Program makes those dynamics work for you.
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Sales Influence and Communications Program

Get the Latest Skills to Maximise Your Activity, Clients and Fees.

This open online course consists of 6 x 2 hour modules plus 6 x 1 hour group coaching over 6 months and is a 'rolling' program (meaning you can join at any time and remain until you complete all 6 modules). It provides the skills and psychology of modern sales influence and communication to help you maximise your activity, clients and fees in the post-Covid age.

It delivers immediately actionable techniques that you can implement to reach your next level of success in growing your clients, fees and business.
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This program is ideal for both new and experienced sales and business development executives, professionals in practice, consultants and entrepreneurs.

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Workshops run from 8-10.30am (GMT) on the last Tuesday of every month plus one additional group coaching session.
The program includes:
10 hours of live online training
1 x monthly group coaching sessions where we apply the learnings
A personal copy of Sean Weafer's book : 'The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age"
Access to the online audio recordings of the modules
Personal email support during the duration of the course.
A personal certificate of course completion High Trust Advisor Course Details

Overview of the course modules and outcomes.

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Mindset, Motivation and Sales Messaging Course
Business development can be a challenge for many of us, even those of who are seasoned professionals and especially for those of us who are not sales professionals but experts and entrepreneurs looking to position our value with the right prospects and clients.

There’s a good reason for that too because when developing business or selling, even the most seasoned professionals face rejection and challenge every day.

However, sales drive business and without the new mind-set, the motivation and the skills of a professional and highly trusted advisor in the new digital world, we run the risk of losing access to and our influence with our market.

In this module, Sean Weafer will help reset your attitude to selling and to growing business, seeing it for the value that it is and then share with you some practical tools on how to become a highly trusted advisor to your clients, without you ever being seen as ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’, helping you to engage and motivate more high-value clients to win and retain more business and maximise your fees.

More importantly, he will show how to replace traditional USPs (Unique Selling Points) with a new and more powerful way of creating your sales messages to engage the attention of prospects and clients.

Module Outcomes:

- Explore the key principles of selling in the Hybrid Age

- Develop the mindset of a Highly Trusted Advisor and partner to your prospects and clients and understand the difference between a traditional salesperson and a Highly Trusted Advisor

- Understand how to create the motivation and energy to consistently win in sales and business development and How to put your prospects and clients in the right mindset to buy from you.

- Discover the secret of sales influence

- The 4 Principles of sales value

- Conscious v Subconscious Messaging

- Learn how to create compelling sales messages for every client that quickly engages their attention and demonstrates your value to them immediately.

- Ditch your USP’s (Unique Selling Points) to create PCR’s (Points of Compelling Relevance).
Connecting in Colour’: How to Recognise, Work and Build High Trust with Different Client Personalities
How valuable would it be if you were able to instantly recognise a prospect or client's personality type and how they prefer to connect and communicate with people and then be able to influence them accordingly?

Learn how to deliberately create a successful and profitable communications strategy with other people to build business and sales success.

Module Outcomes:

- Discover how a 2,500-year-old model can grow your trust with business contacts while maximising your influence on key clients

- Understand the meaning of rapport and trust and how to minimize ‘perceived threat’ for prospects and clients

- Learn how to quickly and successfully recognise a prospect, client or colleague’s unique personality preference to minimise conflict and grow performance

- Discover how to successfully adapt and flex your communication style to meet others unique style to create powerful rapport and results

- Explore how different personality types process your information and how to adapt it to meet their needs

- Learn how best to influence prospects, clients or colleagues to win more business based on personality preferences
Advanced Questioning, Objection Handling and Deal Closing Skills Course
A highly trusted advisor knows that questions and suggestions are the keys to successful influence. Questions allow us to comfortably control and influence each and every qualification and sales meeting and presentation.

They engage the prospect, client or colleague in a shared experience of solving their problem.

In this module we learn how to consciously use the power of questions, suggestions and language to easily connect, influence and engage prospects and clients to grow our (and their) success especially in the digital world.

Module Outcomes:

- Learn why the person who asks the questions controls the meeting outcomes

- Discover the power of ‘forced teaming’ and ‘soft language’

- Explore 6 key psychological questions and their effect on a person’s perception of you

- Understand the key principles of active listening and how to demonstrate it

- Values-based conversations: learn how people make decisions and how you can successfully influence their decisions

- Understand how to overcome any and all objections or resistance to your proposal and ideas

- What to do when someone says ‘No’Learn how to close business or influence outcomes easily and ethically and increase your ‘close’ ratios

Networking to Build Business and Sales – Live and Online
Networking is a critical skill for any professional sales executive, account manager, advisor or entrepreneur. Being able to attend dinners, conferences (and now digital and online events and conferences) and connect confidently with potential prospects and clients in an easy, confident and engaging style, is necessary for anyone who wants to build a strong and valued stream of clients.

Networking is a strategy, not a hope and anyone can learn it. For a modern professional, it is a fundamental skill to get access to and build new relationships.

Module Outcomes:

- Understand the power of personal contact and digital networking, what networking actually is and what it isn’t

- Explore the power of the ‘niche’ and how to identify and get access to high value and influential prospects or clients through networking

- How to define and choose the ideal networking events

- Explore the power of digital networking in today’s marketplace and businesses

- How to use LinkedIn as an online networking tool and how to develop your digital networking presenceHow to prepare for a networking event and create your networking objective

- Lose the fear of networking foreverLearn how to successfully introduce yourself to people in breakout rooms or at live events

- Capture and hold a contact’s attention with excellent conversational skills

- Create a structured networking conversation

- Learn how to successfully probe for value or opportunity

- Exit elegantly from an in-person meetingHow to follow-up successfully

- Get a minimum of 3 ‘warm’ prospect meetings from every event
How to Deliver Successful and Winning Pitches or Presentations
The ability to speak in public, be it to an individual or a small but critical group sales presentation, investor or delivering a larger conference or presentation, is a highly sought-after skill in advisors, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Whether live or online, to be able to craft a compelling speech or sales pitch, deliver it confidently and influence the audience, enhances your ability to be powerfully convincing with others and grow your personal standing and sales. Learn how to excel at it both live and digitally, on this course.

Module Outcomes:

- Learn the key psychological secrets that attract an audience’s attention

- Discover how to structure and deliver a high-impact presentation

- Become a confident and master speaker with any audience, small or large

- Learn to use humour and story to compel your audience to engage

- Discover how to manage audience questions and challenging participants

- The WHW Structure

- Learn why simplicity should rule slide decks

- How to open and close presentations and speeches with impact
How to Set a High-Performance Sales Goals
Being able to identify, articulate and set high-performance goals is a guaranteed means of driving sales productivity. Lack of focus is the biggest enemy of success. Excellent personal clarity, focus and powerful motivation are critical elements in driving your performance, your mindset and impacts positively on how you manage your time.

In this module, Sean Weafer takes you through how to understand and apply the mechanics of high-performance goal setting psychology and structure to get the most out of your sales efforts.

Module Outcomes:

- How focus and meaning drive productivity - the ‘6 C Model of Performance’.

- The key questions to ask to identify critical challenges.

- How to correctly define a performance goal.

- How to identify the key steps for change.

- How to stay on track for success.
Fees and outcomes

The program fee is £997 per person for the full 6 module program including all materials or pay just £167 per month for 6 months.

Here are just some of the skills and abilities you take away from the program.
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We've helped others, just like you

Here's what our clients are saying:

Imagine an event that could energise, and educate your team delivering instant ROI because that is what Sean's High Trust Advisor programme has done for my team.

We have come away with specific actions in time management, motivation and sales messaging. We have defined some compelling PCR's that have already had results and we expect them to consistently deliver going forward.

I highly recommend this course to any sales manager.
Richard Cowman
Driving sales team success through leadership, and customer success. National Sales Manager. GEODIS
I have recently completed Sean's 'High Trust Advisor' training and can unreservedly recommend every aspect.

Sean is a fantastic communicator and presenter, with many years' practical experience under his belt. The course itself was packed with invaluable ideas, insights and suggestions, which have the potential to transform anyone's approach and outlook towards working with clients in a professional services environment.

In addition the access post-course to audio and ebook material puts him in a different league of instructor. Thank you Sean!
David Russell
Principal at BearingPoint Capital
Sean really made me think differently the last two days. His command and use of the English language is unique and exceptional. He delivers just not a presentation but a very interactive, collaborative training session.

It was a real eye opener. In fact it’s not training but a complete reprogramming of the obvious.

His delivery had me smiling from ear to ear, whilst getting me to deeply think about everything I’ve leaned over the last 30 years in sales and logistics. Now I just need practice!

The last two days will change my attitude and approach to everything I do in business. Thank you Sean!
Richard Knight
Sales Director KTL Europe (UK) Ltd.
Sean delivered his Selling High Trust Advisor programme to our team and I asked him to spend an hour with my team who are working on a major deal.

In just under an hour he helped us scope and develop our messaging to be both specific and relevant to the client, turning BT strengths into Points of Compelling Relevance for the customer. He has a great methodology and a passion to help drive it home.
Paul Murnaghan
Chair, BT (NI) Board

This program is based on the book ‘The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age’ By Sean Weafer.

Each program comes with a PDF copy of the book, access to digital audio recordings of the master classes and personal email support during the program.
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Available in-house or in-person
If you'd like to discuss taking this program in-house for your sales, business development or partner team or having the program delivered live and in-person by Sean Weafer please contact for more details.
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Frequently asked questions...

We've got the answers to your questions.

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What is the Cost of the Program, Who Should Attend and What Does The SellingEQ: High Trust Advisor Program Offer:
The course fee is £9970 for the full 6 module program (or £167 per month for 6 months) and provides 12 hours of live online training, 1 hour of online group coaching every month for the 6 month program, a PDF copy of the book, access to the online digital course recordings, personal email support for the duration of the program and a personal certificate of course completion.

The program suits sales executives, partners in practice, consultants, SMB owners, entrepreneurs, business developers and KAMs at all levels of experience.

The Course Includes:

1. Techniques to boost your mindset and motivation. Learn how to create your best personal state in order to successfully influence the buying state of your prospect or buyer.

2. A process to build powerful, attention-grabbing sales messages that impact on prospects and clients and help your offer stand out from your competitors.

3. Networking skills that can provide you with the motivation, confidence and the ability to create 30 plus new warm prospects every year without a single cold call.

4. The ability to recognise, adapt to and work with different kind of client personalities increasing their empathy, trust, influence and impact with key decision makers.

5. Advanced questioning and influencing skills to manage every meeting, handle any objection and really understand how prospects make decisions and use that to increase the number of sales closes.

6. The psychology of effective sales presentations and pitches, how to make their presentations shorter yet more impactful and how to win the approval of their sales audiences in the post-Covid era.
How Does the Program Do This?
The program is delivered over 5 x 2 hour monthly live webinars presented by Sean Weafer, the book's author and the program consists of 3 parts:

Stage 1: Build the motivation, confidence and the messaging to get the attention of the prospect, client or customer.Get access through in-person networking to the key decision makers with these powerful new messages.

Stage 2: Build high levels of trust quickly and then influence the prospect, client or customer with advanced questioning, objection handling and influencing skills to grab and hold their attention.Share of Quality Attention = Share of Wallet.

Stage 3: Create and deliver impactful sales pitches geared toward the modern post-pandemic audience where time and attention are at a premium and the market is more challenging than ever.Then manage that most precious of resources to have more control over your personal and productive time.

The program is supported by the book and digital audio recordings, so the material can be revisited many times after the initial program has completed.
Why Should I Take The High Trust Advisor Program?
This internationally proven program is full of practical, easy to apply and proven techniques build more empathy, trust and influence to maximise your clients and fees. You start applying these tools from Day 1 of the program.

Already delivered to firms in accounting, legal, logistics, technology and telecoms, small business, university, financial and insurance businesses it is full of tips and techniques to get access to and build successful and profitable relationships with new prospects, clients, retain existing business and increase the number of closed deals for your offering.

Delivered by Sean Weafer, a master of leadership and sales language, communications and influence, who has presented to global audiences and has nearly three decades of experience in the ever changing field of sales.

Start Maximising Your Clients and Fees Now.

Register for the SellingEQ: High Trust Advisor program now to learn how to win and retain more high-margin, long-term business, by communicating with greater empathy, trust, influence and impact with prospects and clients.
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