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Solutions to Maximise Motivation, Clients and Fees.

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Find, close and retain more high value clients today.

Develop the mindset, the motivation and the influencing skills to maximise winning and retaining profitable 'long term client value' relationships with customers and clients.
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Want to get your audience enthused, educated, entertained and talking about your conference or event?

Then hire a world-class speaker who has delivered at conferences around the world.

Book Sean Weafer for your next sales 'kick off' event or conference.
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Individually tailored, results measured, sales coaching for Business Owners, Practice Professionals and technical Sales Professionals.

Reach your sales goals and develop the mindset, the motivation and the deal-making skills of a High Trust Advisor.
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Let the NetworkerEQ program give your team the confidence to use effective personal contact and digital networking strategies.

Discover how to get up to 30 new warm potential business opportunities every year.

No cold calls and no unsolicited emails needed.
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Want to upgrade your sales pitches and presentations to win more business in the post-Covid world?

PresenterEQ is a series of unique services that help audit, build and deliver compelling and winning business, investor or sales pitches and win more business, today.
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Want to upgrade your sales pitches and presentations to win more business in the post-Covid world?

PresenterEQ is a series of unique services that help audit, build and deliver compelling and winning business, investor or sales pitches and win more business, today.

Build More Trust, Impact and Profits With Clients and Customers, Now.

The New Dynamics of Sales in the post-Covid and new Hybrid Age are:
  • Attention is the New Currency
  • Emotion (Not Logic) Captures Attention
  • Level of Trust = Level of Attention
  • Share of Attention = Share of Wallet
The SellingEQ High Trust Advisor Executive and Sales Communications program provides the practical skills to make those dynamics work for you.
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Cutting-edge workshops provide the skills and psychology of modern sales influence and communication.

As the workshops are modular, you can select and tailor the program that best meet a specific team's needs.

Choose from modules such as Mindset, Motivation and Messaging, or Networking skills, to Presenting skills , to Advanced Questioning and Influencing skills among others.


Each group workshop and individually tailored coaching program contains immediately actionable techniques to help you reach the next level of success in business development, sales and account management.

Take your sales and business development to the next level of success by taking one of our cutting-edge training or coaching programs.


Programs include live online or in-person training, supported with extensive training collateral.

1. Get a personal copy of the book : The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age.

2. Access to online audio recordings of the modules and digital workbooks

3. Personal email support during the duration of the course and

4. Your personal certificate of completion.

Ideal for

This High Trust Advisor Program is ideal for:

Both new and very experienced sales and business development executives,

Account and relationship management teams

SME owners and their teams,

Partners and directors in professional practice.

The High Trust Advisor program is based on the book ‘The Highly Trusted Advisor: How to Lead Teams and Win Clients in the Hybrid Age’ by Sean Weafer.

Each program is supported by digital workbooks, eBooks and digital audio master classes.
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Be Recognised, Respected and Valued as a Highly Trusted Advisor or Partner in the New Hybrid Age.

Register for the High Trust Advisor team workshop/program now to learn how to win and retain more high margin, long-term business, by using the latest techniques to communicate with greater empathy, trust, influence and impact with prospects, clients and customers.
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We've helped other, just like you

Here's what our clients are saying:

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Imagine an event that could energise, and educate your team delivering instant ROI because that is what (The SellingEQ) High Trust Advisor programme has done for my team.

We have come away with specific actions in time management, motivation, and sales messaging. We have defined some compelling PCR's that have already had results and we expect them to consistently deliver going forward.

I highly recommend this course to any sales manager.
Richard Cowman
National Sales Manager, GEODIS
Have recently completed The High Trust Advisor training and can unreservedly recommend every aspect. Sean is a fantastic communicator and presenter, with many years' practical experience under his belt.

The course itself was packed with invaluable ideas, insights and suggestions, which have the potential to transform anyone's approach and outlook towards working with clients in a professional services environment.

In addition the access post-course to audio and ebook material puts him in a different league of instructor. Thank you Sean!
David Russell
Principal at BearingPoint Capital
(The High Trust Advisor program) really made me think differently the last two days. (Sean's) command and use of the English language is unique and exceptional.

He delivers just not a presentation but a very interactive, collaborative training session. It was a real eye opener. In fact it’s not training but a complete reprogramming of the obvious.

His delivery had me smiling from ear to ear, whilst getting me to deeply think about everything I’ve leaned over the last 30 years in sales and logistics. Now I just need practice! The last two days will change my attitude and approach to everything I do in business. Thank you Sean!
Richard Knight
Sales Director KTL Europe (UK) Ltd.
Fantastic working with Sean, it’s very rare you can walk out of a training with a ready to go tool for success.
Richard Kinsella
Senior Manager - Business Transformation Consulting at EY
Getting into a room with like minded people to discuss and understand the power of being a 'highly trusted advisor' was super exciting in itself.. Bring Sean into the room, with his wealth of experience, practical tips, energy and enthusiasm for the subject and everybody will leave inspired & bursting to put these tips into action.

Switching your mind from outlining your team's USP's to 'Points of compelling Relevance' which brings emotion into what you are trying to achieve is a game changer.

I really enjoyed The High Trusted Advisor program and would recommend it for Sales Teams looking to focus all of their energy into building longstanding relationships with new and existing clients.
Louise Cluskey
Head of Retail Sales at Bank of Ireland Corporate & Markets
Just attended a two day session with Sean doing a number of modules that make up part of his High Trust Advisor workshop.

A very engaging two days in an environment where Sean ensured everyone was challenged to get the most out of the sessions.

A number of my team went through these workshops as well and it was great to see experienced professionals coming back with new ideas and renewed energy to manage the needs of our customers.

I would highly recommend Sean to all Sales Professionals regardless of their experience as there definitely will be something new to learn.
Henry Cleary
Head of Global Markets - Northern Ireland
Over the 25 or so years of my career to date I’ve been on numerous training courses. None have left an impression like the High Trust Advisor program delivered by Sean Weafer.

The content, structure and delivery was head and shoulders above anything else I’d done before. Over two days Sean expertly delivered the distilled wisdom of the High Trust Advisor program at an ideal pace for maximum retention with enjoyable engagement for emphasis where required.

Over the course of the program, familiar traits that we all employ in some form on a daily basis are discussed. For me the High Trust Advisor program brought these into focus, gave a structure to build and improve upon and ultimately helped to optimise areas such as motivation, questioning, listening and presentation for highest performance.

Having purposely waited a few weeks before writing this review to allow for the initial enthusiasm of program to wear off, I am still finding value in the course notes as I apply them to daily interactions.

I recommend Sean Weafer and this course as a valuable undertaking for anyone interested in bringing your business conversations and communications to the next level.
Eamon McGlade
Senior Solution Engineer at Dell Technologies

Frequently asked questions

Here's the answers to some questions we often get.

Who Should Attend the High Trust Advisor Program and What Does It Offer:
Our High Trust Advisor workshop modules are ideal for in-house group training and can be selected to tailor a specific training program and each workshop module consists of 3 hours of live in-person or 2 + 1 hours of live online training. Our open online program allows for individuals and small groups to join the monthly workshop series.

Resources include ebooks for individual modules (or for programs consisting of 3 modules and above) a hard copy of the book 'The Highly Trusted Advisor', access to the online digital course recordings, personal email support for the duration of the program and certificate of course completion.

The program suits both highly experienced and new sales executives, partners in practice, consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs, business developers and account managers at all levels of experience.

The Program Includes:

1. Techniques to boost your mindset and motivation and how to set successful performance goals. Learn how to create your best personal state in order to successfully influence the buying state of your prospect or buyer.

2. A process to build powerful, attention-grabbing sales messages that impact on prospects and clients and help your offer stand out from your competitors.

3. Networking skills that can provide you with the motivation, confidence and the ability to create 30 new warm prospects every year without a single cold call.

4. The ability to recognise, adapt to and work with different kind of client personalities increasing their empathy, trust, influence and impact with key decision makers.

5. Advanced questioning and influencing skills to manage every meeting, handle any objection and really understand how prospects make decisions and use that to increase the number of sales closes.

6. The psychology of effective sales presentations and pitches, how to make their presentations shorter yet more impactful and how to win the approval of their sales audiences in the post-Covid era.
How Are Programs Structured?
The group workshop program consists of 3 parts:

Stage 1: Build the motivation, confidence and the messaging to get the attention of the prospect, client or customer.

Get access through in-person or online networking to the key decision makers with these powerful new messages.

Stage 2: Build high levels of trust quickly and then influence the prospect, client or customer with advanced questioning, objection handling and influencing skills to grab and hold their attention.

Share of Quality Attention = Share of Wallet.

Stage 3: Create and deliver impactful sales pitches geared toward the modern post-pandemic audience where time and attention are at a premium and the market is more challenging than ever.

Then set powerful personal performance sales goals that, along with the skills learned, deliver life-long future success.

The program is supported by the book, digital workbooks, eBooks and digital audio recordings, so the material can be revisited many times after the initial program has completed.
Who Else Have Used the The High Trust Advisor Program
These proven programs have been successful at Microsoft, Towergate Insurances, Dell Technologies, Bank of Ireland, Grant Thornton, PKF Accountants, Mason Hayes and Curran, DB Schenker, Keywords International and many more firms and is full of practical, easy to apply, techniques to help practice professionals, executives, consultants, sales and business development teams and account managers build more empathy, trust and influence with their prospects, clients, colleagues and customers.

Delivered to firms in accounting, legal, logistics, technology and telecoms, financial, banking and insurance it is full of tips and techniques to get access to and build successful and profitable relationships with new prospects, clients and customers, retain existing business and increase the number of closed deals for your offering.

Delivered by Sean Weafer, a master of language, communications and influence, who has presented to global audiences and has nearly three decades of experience in the ever changing field of working with quality clients.

Enquire Now to Have Your Sales or Practice Professionals Winning More Clients and Closing More Deals Today.

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